Our Vision & Mission Statements

Freedom by Education - our vision lies in the belief that true freedom can only be achieved through quality education.

Our Mission is to bring qualitative and accountable change to mass education and fulfill every child's right to quality education.

About Moinee Foundation

Moinee Foundation (www.moinee.org) is an educational trust established in year 2012 with a mission to Support “Right to Quality Education”.

It has build specialization in Industry Alignment Program,Employability Assessments and Quiz Based Learning System through Quiz Academy.

In achieving our goals Moinee Systems (www.moinee.com) isthe key sponsor, which is technology and consulting firm with focus on education & energy efficiency domain.

  • Formulating educational products for enhancing learning for students
  • Enhancing learning at grass-root schools thru technology
  • Industry Alignment Programs
  • Talent Benchmarking thru quantitative assessments
  • Supporting dropouts and underprivileged children to bring in mainstream

Our Board

Arvind Thanvi
Chief Mentor

Graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Arvind brings with him 19 years of vast experience in IT Services and Consultancy space with global industry leader firms like Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Barclays etc. His last stint with Accenture lasted for 10 years and at the time of leaving Accenture, he was account director and delivery unit lead for leading UK based banks emerging markets & new business portfolio. He is an educationist by passion and also an eminent speaker in various campuses on topics like Technology and Industry Trending.

Dr. Vijay Vyas

A dynamic professional with 12 years of rich experience in Sales & Marketing, Training & Placement, Academics & Research, Business Development. He earned his Masters in Business Administration from JNV University, Jodhpur and has completed his PhD in Marketing from SGV University Jaipur. He brings first hand understanding of local education industry needs and common practices as well he has build good professional connects in majority of corporate looking out for fresh talents. He has worked with HDFC, ICICI, Arya Group of Colleges etc.

Vijay M. Vyas
Advisor & Mentor

Graduate from University of Mumbai, Vijay has over 27 years of rich experience in Capital Market & core industries and is based out of Mumbai. Given his strong finance and compliance background, he is a major support to Moinee Foundation in fundraising and legal & compliance advisory activities. Vijay is a passionate social worker and has been supporting various causes very actively. His social contribution, specially in medical and education area, has been significant and well acknowledged.

Dr. Saket Sarraf

Dr. Sarraf has over 17 years of experience in India and the USA.His work spans various issues related to sustainable development planning and policy. He heads ps Collective, which is envisaged as a platform for advocacy, research, policy analysis and professional consultancy.Dr. Sarraf brings in his experience and due-diligence to support Moinee Foundation on key decision making.He is formally trained as an Architect from IIT, Kharagpur, Urban planner and a Regional economist from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.

Extended Team Members:

    Moinee Foundation is blessed with highly qualified and motivated individuals who on need basis provide their expertise and bandwidth. This extended team is comprised of experienced professional, academicians, IITians and Students from various engineering colleges.