About Project

Foundation has expanded its domain scope to the health sector, where it is working with govt towards innovative solutions for the current pandemic and technological scaling for improving health infrastructure in rural areas.


Oxygen Production

Working on producing oxygen locally at hospital by converting nitrogen plants into oxygen.

  • We have got a 75 Nm3 nitrogen plant whose owner is willing to shift to govt hospitals which is finalized by Govt. We are expecting to get Zeolites from Tata chemicals through Central Pollution control board, Govt of India. We are targeting to make plant running at hospital by 20-Mar-21.
  • We started the search for few more Nitrogen plants owner who are willing to convert into oxygen and shift to hospitals.

Oxygen Logistics

Liquid oxygen is available at plants located at industrial hub area but transportation tankers are limited in India to manage the crisis. We have come up with solution to put up 1000 ltr cylinders of liquid oxygen / nitrogen (after cleaning as per guideline) and put 8 of them to truck and use that truck ("Mini Oxygen Express") as transportation vehicle to transport liquid oxygen.

  • Availability of 1000 ltr cylinders - we started the search on these cylinders in industries, academic institutes etc
  • We are searching out for vendors who can supply it to Govt or NGO on immediate basis.

Digitalizing Health Centers

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), GoI, New Delhi has prioritized the utilization of digital health to ensure effective service delivery and citizen empowerment so as to bring significant improvements in public health delivery.Our proposed solution to improve efficiency in health delivery, extend healthcare to underprivileged areas and provide better quality services at low cost by digitalizing all UPHCs/HWCs/Janta Clinics

Key Activities

Important Covid Resources - Jaipur

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Key Covid Support data Sheet for Jaipur (eg daily hospital bed status, verified contacts for online doctor, at home tests, plasma need, oxygen need, medicines, ambulance, etc)